Supplements to take

Mar 21 2012 |

The 5 supplements that everyone should take for overall health and anti-aging are listed below. It’s just my opinion, so do a little research on your own and see if you agree.

Probiotics – boosts immune function and intestinal health… through the roof!

Glutamine – an amino acid that enhances immune function

Green formula – powdered superfood formula with the anti-oxidant power of 20+ servings of fruits & vegetables in each scoop!

Omega 3 Fats – fish oils or flax seed oil

Detox Formula – optimal cleansing nutrition of the body, providing gastrointestinal, liver, kidney, and inflammatory condition support.

Master Your Own Physical Self

Mar 21 2012 |

If you’re ready to become the master of your own physical self, you should start to learn about the following:

Health – Become fit, and you’ll become healthier. Eat to become more fit, and you’ll become healthier as well. It’ll change the way you look, feel, function, and how well you age!

Fitness – If you don’t know your own body yet, what are you waiting for? Start slow, start basic, be consistent. I would suggest using resistance training to learn and understand how each muscle group works. Understanding the sensations you feel will allow you to understand your body, how it moves, how it functions. You’ll be athletic, if not a good athlete. And you’ll be the master of your own body! Once you’ve done that, the rest is much easier.

The all around athlete will be fit in all 4 categories out of necessity, and they’ll be lean as well. Lean means more flexible, quicker, more agile, and more efficient cardiovascularly.

Resistance training – generally speaking, this means weightlifting or workout machines.

Core training – stability ball training, floor work, balance training, Pilates, yoga, etc.

Stretching – yoga, Pilates, stability ball work, other conventional stretching.

Cardiovascular training – running, biking, jump rope, boxing, kickboxing, etc, or various gym cardio machines.


Nutrition – What you eat matters. The effects are on the inside, and sooner or later they show up on the outside, and as real health problems.

The best foods:

Protein – eggs, fish, chicken, turkey, beef

Carbohydrates – yams or sweet potatoes, fruits, vegetables.  If you’re going to eat a grain, whole raw oats are better than the rest.

Fats – from fish, almonds, cashews, avocado, egg yolks, and coconut oil