Slowing Down the Clock

I’ve had people calling me a liar when I’ve told them my age for a long time. It was amongst a Hollywood crowd on my 41st birthday, and when told it was my birthday, a particular someone wouldn’t believe me when I told him I was 41, and he kept asking for my real age. So the next person who had heard of my birthday and asked my age got the answer, “31″. He didn’t bat an eye. In fact, he said, “That’s right, I’m 34, I’m not too old, I still look good. You’re 31, you’re not too old, and you still look good. Hell yeah!” Ever since, I’ve stuck with the minus ten answer when asked by someone who didn’t know me.

Until recently ;-)

Last week I was asked in an email about factors that would affect biological age, and here’s what I came up with:

A myriad of factors affect aging. Exercise itself does. Always getting enough sleep helps. What we eat (always eating enough fiber, protein, good fats, and watching the junk you eat), how well we digest what we eat, how well we eliminate waste… all huge factors. Always drinking water, water, water, and not drinking sodas. Fruits, vegetables, and whatever supplements needed to round it all out make a difference also (like probiotics, enzymes, vitamins/minerals, glutamine, antioxidant formulas, etc).

Drugs, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, stress, a job you hate, “hate” of any kind, chronic worrying or anger… all are aging foes.

Instead, you’ll age slower if you’re always attentive to your health, your happiness, state of mind and well-being, “being” happy and satisfied with whatever your present path and not worrying too much about what others think you should be doing.

Now what are you waiting for? Hurry up and stop aging!

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