I offer a comprehensive approach to fitness, nutrition, supplementation, health, mind/body and, ultimately, balance in your fitness program and in life and lifestyle.


Muscle confusion? Workouts that seem like insanity? Those are all just gimmicks. If your neuromuscular pathways aren't developed correctly, "muscle confusion" workouts will prevent them from ever being established correctly.


I believe in abs and cardio redefined! My clients don't DO abs and they don't DO cardio! But the results they get from my workouts make people think that they DO BOTH.


I have consistently sought to find, understand, discover, and verify in practice the most beneficial methods of exercise. I believe you need to exercise smarter, not harder or longer. No need for insanity, or anything else that seems extreme. All you need is to do the right things in the right way, so that your body can adapt a step at a time. No stress, no strain, no pain.


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