Dieting? Still counting calories? Calories in vs. calories burned is a faulty premise! It has to do with food partitioning, insulin response, and body composition. Too many calories doesn't make you fat. The wrong KIND of calories makes you fat.


Watching your cholesterol? Keeping your fat intake low? Saturated fats and good sources of cholesterol are GOOD for you (unless you have an extreme condition). Just stay away from trans fats!


And please don't tell me you're still following the FDA's food pyramid!


No diets on my plan. No counting calories because it's not accurate, nor effective.


I teach you the basics about protein, carbs, and fats, and then put together an eating plan that will be effective in getting you to your goal. It's all about placing demands on your muscles almost daily, and eating the right kinds of foods that will fuel your muscles and your body, helping them to recover and adapt. You give your body EVERYTHING that it needs, and try to cut out anything that hurts it (or hinders your progress). And it gets easier, because after you've developed the muscle machinery correctly, you'll have a reservoir for extra calories that won't get converted to fat.



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