Each movement, every repetition, has a purpose - not to be just one of many, plowing ahead mindlessly, one rep to get to the next, to build up sweat, to expend energy, to burn calories. Those programs don't benefit you and your muscles the most. They are just familiar and they don't require learning - you just go! go! go! You finish feeling exhausted, drenched in sweat, and NOT looking forward to the next time. You THINK you had a great workout. You condition yourself to FEEL like you had a great workout. But was it the BEST thing for your body? Do you continue to look forward to your next workout? Or do you dread it?


Instead, you can look forward to your next workout. You feel satisfied, tired, depleted, but still energetic and strong, tight, powerful, and done for today's workout, but ready for tomorrow's!


So yes, each movement, every rep, has a purpose. They provide you with a specific intimate sensation, repeatedly, that only a precise movement can create. Feeling the contraction and extension of a muscle - a sensory experience to be sure, but building a perfect set from perfect repetitions only happens if the neuromuscular pathways have been precisely established. That occurs with practice, patience with yourself, consistency, and with the right set of instructions and guidance.


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