My fitness plan works by doing effective movements, and doing them with ease and comfort.


When something becomes easy, you then give your body a little more to adapt to, with a few more reps, another set, or the next heavier weight - to the point where you are briefly out of your comfort zone. When we're sure that everything feels fine and is working correctly (and not stressed or strained) then you can go out of your comfort zone temporarily. It is NOT excruciating, it is NOT gritting your teeth to do more, and it is NOT powering thru despite the pain or discomfort. You don't need to do that.


Your body will adapt and you will make much more progress, and much faster, by doing it the easy way.


Before you know it, you'll be lifting more, doing more, harder, longer, and it will feel no more difficult than it did at the beginning. But you'll be amazed at how far you've come, while the perceived difficulty will have decreased.


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